Why is Custom PHP Development Preferred 70% Of The Time?

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Why is Custom PHP Development Preferred 70% Of The Time?

Why is Custom PHP Development Preferred 70% Of The Time?

PHP web development has become the most popular web development language in recent years. So much so that PHP is considered the "Language of the Web!" Developers across the globe use PHP for a myriad of web applications to the extent that custom PHP development is responsible for nearly 70% of websites online!

Programmers opt for PHP because it is reliable and facilitates building robust and secure websites. Besides, it can cater to the diverse needs of businesses irrespective of the size of the business and the features required in the app.

PHP app development processes have also become streamlined due to the accessibility of low-cost internet connections, cloud computing, etc.

Let’s delve into why custom PHP development is a favorite among programmers?

Ease of Use

PHP arrays simplify the process of creating data structures. They also offer flexibility to customize the structure according to specific requirements.

Open Source

Since it is an open-source coding language, it offers the flexibility for customizing the needs of small, medium, and large-sized businesses.


Programmers can easily integrate security into the applications they develop, thereby offering secure websites.

Ideal for the Internet

PHP has all the functionalities needed to facilitate different development processes on the internet. Hence, it can be used ‘as is’ without adding any extra features.

Support Structure

Programmers require documentary support or data that can help them in case they face difficulties during programming. PHP offers its users abundant resources that can make their task easier. While PHP itself provides documentation to support users, there are other resources available online if required. The internet has blogs, articles, tutorials, forum discussions, and many more created by experts in the field. Users can access multiple resources at any time so that the process of development is uninterrupted.

Availability of Standard Libraries

Programming in PHP becomes easy because of the availability of libraries that are comprehensive and can be effectively used by developers. These libraries avoid the need for context switching and facilitate low-level operations.


PHP has proved to be a very stable programming language that is adaptable to build websites of different shapes and sizes. One of the most prominent brands built using PHP development is Facebook where it supports millions of queries, messages, and other such features while offering a stable environment.


The cost of building websites was substantially higher earlier because of expenses incurred due to software licensing fees. Costs increased further due to the need for complex hardware required for the development. PHP has broken the silos and it offers a robust solution with innovative features at much lower costs.

It is due to these reasons that PHP has become the most popular choice of programmers.

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