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Yokohama Tire Company is a leading tire manufacturer in Canada that required a web-portal that would streamline its digital marketing strategies. The portal was to be designed such that the dealers could easily access marketing media, promotions, and the relevant sales and reward reports.


The team at Focus IT developed a custom web app for Yokohama using CSS and HTML. This app offered a UI that was easy to navigate. Dealers could easily access to various marketing media through API calls to a remote media server. Sales and reward reports are displayed as both text values and graphs. The administration backend was designed such that it facilitated search of the MySql database by Yokohama. They could view details of their various dealers and update their reward programs as required. Besides, they could also add promotions as needed. The report section was created using PHP and it could generate comprehensive reports which could be imported to Excel.

yokohama dealer portal


  • Registration Forms
  • Sales & Rewards Graphs
  • Importing Sales Data
  • Access to Remote Media API
  • Dealer Search
  • Exporting Reports to Excel


The Business Web App developed by Focus IT provided a single platform for all marketing-related data. This data could be easily accessed by different stakeholders associated with marketing at any time. This app offered better collaboration and seamless data sharing which enabled faster decision making and streamlined processes.

  • Client:

    Yokohama Tire (Canada)

  • Technologies: PHP, MySql, HTML, Javascript
  • Completed: June 2020
  • Website: