Web App or a Native Mobile App, What is Better for your Business?

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Web App or a Native Mobile App, What is Better for your Business?

Web App or a Native Mobile App, What is Better for your Business?

Native mobile apps and web apps are both being widely used by businesses. While most of us use these terms interchangeably, we may not be aware of the exact difference between the two.

Let us delve into what native mobile apps and web apps are?

Native Mobile Apps

A native mobile app is an application that runs on a smartphone and provides a specific service to its users. Native mobile apps are apps on our mobiles that we have all used.

Native mobile apps are developed specifically for Android and iOS devices. In any native mobile application, the primary areas of focus are compatibility with the existing hardware and the performance of the app.

Users need to download and install native apps to use them. Even if there are any patches or updates, they will need to be downloaded.

Native web apps are usually single-page apps with multiple interfaces that support complex functionalities.

Web Apps

Web apps are self-sustaining as they run on a web browser. These apps need not necessarily be restricted to a single page and may run into several pages.

Web apps are not platform-dependent and run on different browsers. Unlike native mobile apps, web apps do not require any special coding efforts for different platforms.

Updates and patches can be easily applied to web apps without any downloads. However, web apps are not as flexible as native mobile apps, as such, they do not support complex functionalities.

So, we see that both web apps and native mobile apps have their benefits and limitations.

If you are wondering which one is better for your business, it is recommended that you examine the features of each of these for your business needs. In other words, you will need to check which one offers more features that your business could leverage.

Here’s are some suggestions that can help you choose the right app for your business:

Choose a Native Mobile App for your business if:

  • Your target audience is comfortable using mobile apps.
  • Your app offers a service that is either different from that offered by other apps. Or, if it provides a better user experience when compared to other mobile apps offering the same service.
  • The app utilizes existing features like the phone’s camera or payment apps.

A web app would be a better option for your business if:

  • You can offer your audience a better interface through a webpage layout.
  • You need to communicate with your audience using content that runs into pages.
  • You are offering your audience a dynamic app that will be frequently updated.
  • Your target audience is more comfortable using browsers instead and finds it cumbersome to download and install apps.

Ultimately it is always better to consider your customers' needs and choose a technology based on them. Focus IT Solutions has a team of experienced app developers who can recommend and create the best native mobile apps or web apps customized to your brand.