8 Fundamental Stages in Web App Development

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8 Fundamental Stages in Web App Development

8 Fundamental Stages in Web App Development

Web Apps have become an integral part of businesses in today�s digital world. However, they need to be developed by considering several factors to ensure that they offer the users exactly what the business intends.

A typical web app development process entails an interplay of users, businesses, and data services.

Let us delve into the eight fundamental stages in the web app development process:

Step 1: Understanding the Audience

Customization is the name of the game in today�s competitive market. To offer your customers the experience they will love, you need to understand your potential customers.

You will need to find out details of your users, such as their age, gender, how they access the web(internet/intranet/single or multi-level extranet). Besides these, you will need to explore the type of security best suited for your users.

Step 2: Establishing your Goals

Defining a goal helps you envision the detailed methodology to be followed to design the app. You can establish the total time-frame for the app development and define the milestones for the process.

Step 3: Determine the Functionalities Required

Create a functional specifications document that includes all the technical specifications and functionalities required in the web app.

Step 4: Vetting Third-Party Vendors

Outsourcing certain aspects of web app development helps reduce the cost and get the services of experts. Therefore, you can search, compare, and engage third-party vendors such as SSL certificate providers, servers, firewalls, network providers, etc.

Step 5: Specifying the Structure of the Web App and Selecting the Technology for Development
You will need to identify specifics of web-development such as:

  • Platform
  • Structure
  • Environment
  • Technology

Step 6: Creating the Prototype

A visual model of the UI is created. The actual designing commences only after the approval of the interaction and interface models.

Step 7: Web App Development

The first step for app development is creating the architecture and framework. After this, the database structure is designed, following which the different modules, classes, and libraries are customized. The final step is the implementation of all the functionalities listed in the functional specifications document.

Step 8: Testing

The web app developed is tested using manual/automation testing methods to fix bugs or any other issues. Testing is conducted to ensure the seamless working of the web app.

Any web app development process goes through these eight essential steps to create a functional error-free web app. If you require a robust, reliable, bug-free web app, connect with the experienced team at Focus IT Solutions!