6 Main Differences Between Web Apps and Native Apps!

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6 Main Differences Between Web Apps and Native Apps!

6 Main Differences Between Web Apps and Native Apps!

Apps have become a part and parcel of our lives. We have grown used to finding everything using apps-be it food delivery, banking, shopping, and almost anything!

But while using the apps, have you ever noticed a difference between different types of apps?

We have all experienced that while some apps need to be downloaded and installed, some others can be used without installation!

Did you know that there are two different types that we use?

Web App and Mobile Apps! While web apps are responsive websites, mobile apps are specifically built for smartphones!

Each of these has its specific features and offers a different type of user-experience!

Let’s look at what the main differences between them are:

No. Feature Web Apps Native Apps
1 System Requirements Accessed through browsers and are compatible with all devices. Built for specific platforms such as iOS or Android
2 Installation They are not downloaded and installed. They need to be downloaded via the App store and installed on the device.
3 Internet Connectivity Need an active internet connection. Can work offline.
4 Updates Automatic Updates need to be downloaded
5 Cost Easy and inexpensive to build They need to built separately for each platform and therefore are expensive.
6 Features They are slower with fewer features and limited functionality. Feature rich with advanced functionality and faster to use.

If we look into the technical aspect of these two types of apps, the basic difference lies in the software used for building them.

Web apps are built using JavaScript, CSS, and HTML5 while native mobile apps use specific technologies according to the platform for which they are developed.

Native apps are coded in specific languages in the Integrated Development Environment (IDE). The language used and IDE depend on the platform for which the App is being developed. Native apps built on Apple devices require an iOS platform and developed using Objective-C or Swift and X-code IDE. On the other hand, apps built for Android devices are coded in Java and developed using Android Studio or Eclipse IDE.

In addition to native and web apps, we also have Progressive Web Apps(PWA) which are somewhere in between the web and native app.

Each of these Apps has its pros and cons. Therefore they should be chosen according to the needs of the user for a specific product.

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