5 Things you should know about Single Page Applications

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5 Things you should know about Single Page Applications

5 Things you should know about Single Page Applications

Single Page Application or SPAs are becoming a popular choice of most high-traffic sites and social media platforms because of the user experience they offer.

You may have heard of SPA but might be having several questions regarding it!

Let me walk you through the essential aspects of SPAs by answering these 5 basic questions:

1. What is the SP

SPA is a web-based application that pre-loads within the browser. This implies that it eliminates the need to reload a web-page each time while reloading relevant content for each user interaction.

2. What is the difference between SPA and MPA

A multi-page application displays a new page each time a request is sent to the server. In MPA each time data is exchanged between the user and the server, these pages are displayed. In contrast, in a single page application, the current page being used is rewritten each time the user clicks on links within the page.

3. How does SPA work

When the server receives the first request only a single HTML file is provided. For any subsequent request, the server provides JSON data. Hence there are no page reloads and the process is faster.

4. Pros and Cons of SP


  • Better user experience because of the high speed of the process.
  • Minimizes the use of various resources such as bandwidth, etc.
  • SPAs are easier to debug
  • Codes can be reused to transition to other apps.


  • Initial load times are higher when compared with traditional apps.
  • Since all pages come from a single URL, optimizing for search engines using techniques such as inbound links, site authority, etc. becomes difficult.
  • SPAs are vulnerable to security risks such as cross-site scripting (XSS).

5. Is SPA right for my Business

Businesses are tempted to use SPAs because it helps delight the users because of its features. However, SPAs are not suitable for all types of websites.

SPAs are the best choice when you want to provide your users with a dynamic experience because besides offering a better user experience, they also reduce the load on servers and client browsers. SPAs are also well-suited for mobile app development as they offer users a consistent experience across devices. However, SPAs may not prove to be a cost-effective solution for sites that have static content such as standard websites or blogs.

Many a time a hybrid app that uses a combination of SPA and MPA is used.

It is recommended that you take the help of an expert to choose between the above options. The experienced team at Focus IT Solutions can suggest the best app for your business and develop it for you at competitive prices.