Below are only a few examples of the PHP projects Focus IT has developed for various clients over the years. In each case, the project was carried out according to the specific requests of the client, and in some cases, we have maintained an ongoing relationship with the client and continue to add new features according to the client's evolving needs.

Order Entry

This custom web app helped the client increase profits by keeping better track of their inventory. The app allows the client to track inventory, process orders, generate kit items, and create invoices which can either be emailed or printed off. The app also allows employees to export sales and inventory figures directly to their accounting system.

Custom CRM

In order to help this client keep better track of their many accounts and contacts, we created a custom CRM tool using PHP and MySQL programming. The system is extremely user friendly, and has served as the backbone for subsequent add-ons, which further improved the organization's client relationship management process.

Course Registration

This custom web app took a complex course registration system and streamlined it into a user-friendly app that works on both the client's intranet and a public website. The app uses PHP and MySQL, and was seamlessly added on to the client's existing custom CRM

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