From modest to large-scale projects in website development, Focus IT Solutions is here to handle any type of web/app development job. Our specialty is responsive, custom-built PHP applications. For the past 15 years, we have provided PHP and MySQL programming solutions for a variety of organizations using a wide range of web technologies and software languages.

One of the most important factors in PHP programming is generating bug-free codes, and this is an area that Focus IT’s php experts pride themselves on. We abide by the latest and modern PHP coding standards and best practices to ensure that everything we create is bug-free.

Our PHP development experts are knowledgeable about every aspect of PHP programming, so whether you need us to work with Kohanna or another PHP framework, or even pure PHP code, we've got you covered. We often start projects with a MVC framework, but are always able to adapt the project to suit the client's needs.

PHP is useful for a wide variety of web development services. Some of the web services that take advantage of our custom development serves are:

  • Custom CRM applications
  • Order entry web apps
  • Real Estate integration with RETS
  • Automotive dealer applications
  • Healthcare related solutions
  • Mobile applications development
  • Website ERP integration
  • Customized PHP calendars
  • Encrypted PDF servers
PHP Based CRM Programming

In addition to creating bug-free and highly functional PHP code, we also strive to ensure that our PHP development services are affordable for every client. We can bill you either on a per-project basis, or based on an hourly rate, depending on the project's needs.

Our custom PHP development services include:

  • PHP Web Development
  • PHP Debugging
  • PHP Application Maintenance
  • PHP Frameworks (Kohana, FuelPHP, etc)
  • PHP Code Refactoring
  • MySql Programming