Did you know that one third of the world's population uses mobile devices to perform web searches and to search social media sites, especially Facebook Twitter and Instagram? Or that half of all web searches for local products and services are conducted from a mobile device? Clearly, today's web users love to take the online world with them wherever they go.

Today, many businesses want to be modern, trendy, and accessible to web users 24 hours a day in every location possible, but not all websites are designed to work on mobile devices, and no website is accessible without an Internet connection. So how can your business stay connected with customers and employees? The solution is custom mobile development for web apps that can be downloaded and used on iPads, android devices, blackberry phones, and every other device imaginable.

Our web apps & mobile programming provide the same type of functionality as a responsive website, which is designed to work seamlessly across any type of device, but they can also be accessed even if the user does not have an Internet connection. For example, an employee could update a document using a mobile web app without an Internet connection; that information would then be stored until the device is connected to the Internet, at which point the app would automatically communicate with the server and send the information that the employee had previously entered.

With one of our custom mobile web apps, you essentially get the best of both worlds when it comes to mobile web use, as our apps combine the versatility of the web (text, data, images, video, etc.) with the enhanced usability features of touch-enabled devices.

A few examples of the mobile web apps we have created include:

On Site Service List

This custom mobile app helped streamline the equipment servicing procedure for technicians in the field. Rather than carrying a large service manual and filling out service checklists by hand, employees are now able to complete a checklist using their mobile device. The checklist includes a comments field and a troubleshooting guide, which can be accessed in real-time, even without an Internet connection.

Trainee Evaluation

With this app, we helped evaluators improve their training procedure by allowing them to systematically evaluate trainees on a series of specific tasks using their mobile device. The app allows evaluators to grade each step of the trainee's progress, and displays recommendations for the trainee based on their overall score.

Service Schedule

This app was designed as a centralized tool to help administrators manage resources for staffing, seminars, training programs, and other facility management tasks. By sharing calendar information through either a public website or the company intranet, this app has made employee scheduling a much simpler task.

Mobile Web Apps
Nowadays millions of mobile users consistently access the internet using their cell phones or tablets. In fact studies show that one-third of the world's population use their mobile devices to perform internet searches and one-half of all internet searches for LOCAL products and services are accessed via mobile devices. It is very clear that the future of the mobile web has arrived.