Today's web is much more than websites. If you want to reach more customers, you need to provide web users with an enhanced web experience that works well and looks great across a variety of devices. Our custom designed web applications are perfect for reaching the 21st century customer. Our e-commerce apps are modern, responsive, intuitive, and always reliable.

Custom web apps also serve as great in-house tech solutions for any organization. From managing customer information to controlling inventory, we can design a custom web app to suit your organization's needs.

Our web apps can be accessed both over the Internet as well as through your own intranet. This means that you can make the information in your web app accessible to whomever you want, wherever you want. It also means that we can maintain and update your app in one central location, rather than having to manage updates manually across potentially thousands of devices. All of our web apps are customized to fit your needs based on your vision. Custom web apps give you the results you need right now, and are often a more economical long-term solution than open-source PHP software development.

Some examples of the many custom software development & programming projects Focus It provides and supports are:

CRM Apps

Customer Relationship Management Apps are ideal for managing customer and client relationships. CRM apps allow you to keep track of important information like customer purchases, contact information, and subscription information, all in one location that's accessible to both administration and sales staff.

Order Entry Apps

Order Entry Apps allow any company to keep close tabs on their inventory. With a custom Order Entry App, you'll be able to stock more of what you need, and less of what you don’t need, which will ultimately lead to greater efficiency and higher profits.

Web Calendar Apps

Coordinating schedules is one of the most difficult parts of any administrator's job. But it doesn't have to be. With our custom Web Calendar Apps, managing staff timetables, setting up meetings, arranging training sessions, and planning seminars becomes a breeze.

Killer Custom Web Apps
Small and large companies alike can realize the benefits of a custom web app capable of managing critical information. Streamlining existing procedures, data manipulation and consolidation of sales and marketing statistics coupled with accurate financial information can be the key to your success.