Real Estate RETS and IDX Web Applications

Focus IT's tightly knit services for various real estate businesses on the web are highly specific and professional. Having identified the top four needs for better business success by way of reliable and responsive infrastructures, the following services are designed to deliver real and lasting results:

  1. PHP Development Services. Well-versed in modest as well as large-scale website development and backed by 15 years of experience in custom-built Real Estate PHP applications, Focus IT has been successfully delivering smart programming solutions (for both PHP as well as MySQL) spanning across software languages and web technologies such as PHPRets. Among the many highlights in this particular service include creating bug-free codes, which are guaranteed by all the latest PHP coding standards and experience in the best practices on PHP development.
  2. Custom Web Apps Services. Reaching out to more customers is a goal fulfilled thanks to Focus IT’s Custom Web Apps that look great and work smoothly across varied devices. You can expect the latest e-commerce apps, CRM solutions, and options for access through the Internet as well as your company's own Intranet. Integration of MLS or multiple listing services is also included. Accessibility of your web apps is within your control as our developers create solutions that allow you to be fully in charge of all aspects of your business – from client response to inventory details and employee access, among many other things.
  3. Web Developer Services. If you are in need of strengthening your real estate company’s brand identity by way of more dynamic and responsive websites, our team of web developers is ready to work hand in hand with your website designer to achieve the most professional look and feel for your company’s website. Our goal is to create the site’s best version of itself right on the landing page so that new customers and potential clients are left with the best impression of your organization. Options for building your website from scratch or refining an existing one are both available to our clients, ensuring that we meet your specific requirements according to your needs and budget.
  4. Introducing IDX Feeds. One of our strongest points in terms of assisting online real estate platforms is by adding an IDX feed to your website or creating a custom app that uses these feeds. Having all these real estate listings off multiple listing services (MLS) services’ database, your brokers and agents will have a the best access to opportunities that one can get right off the website or app.

With nearly a decade of high caliber work online, Focus IT is set to conquer the next one by creating all the best real estate IDX/DDF and RETs applications. Our intent is to deliver the best results to our clients so they in turn can be of better service to others. We have worked with a number of top performing real estate firms and real estate boards, which is a testament to the kind of output that we create.

RETS and IDX Web Apps
In a world where success in the real estate business is largely generated through a strong presence and sense of service online, investing in a website developers and web application software services aligned with IDX and RET applications are of prime importance in this particular industry. This is especially true now that businesses can entertain and transact with clients from all over the globe – wherein all one has to do is to facilitate most (if not all) of their business transactions online. If your real estate business is in dire need of strengthening its presence through websites and web applications that include access to Internet Data Exchange (or IDX) and RETs, Focus IT is your best partner in fulfilling – as well as surpassing – such a goal.

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